Membership Qualifications


Qualifying Criteria for FEI Membership

FEI offers Membership Categories to serve financial executives in various industries at different points in their careers. Each Category has different qualifying criteria, which you can find below.

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Membership Categories


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Executive Membership



Applicants for Executive membership must have the requisite work experience and serve in executive roles or are on an executive track at a company of sufficient size as defined by FEI.



Company Criteria


  • $2 million in net worth, or
  • $6 million in capital (combined net worth and long-term debt), or
  • $10 million or more in annual revenues.
  • $8 million in operating expenses
  • $200 million in total assets (Financial institutions)
  • $40 million total assets (Government corporations / authorities).


Typically Qualifying Titles


Chief Financial Officer Vice President of Finance Audit Committee member Chief Accounting Officer Vice President of Planning and Analysis Senior Manager Controller Vice President of Taxes Manager Treasurer Vice President of Pension Fund Investments Director of Finance, Taxes, Treasury or Accounting Vice President of Risk Management

Individuals employed as consultants for service providers typically do not qualify.

If you do not hold a typical qualifying title, you may qualify as an Executive member if your duties and responsibilities fall under the following guidelines:

  • Assistant Financial Executives: Assistant Financial Executives must report to the CFO, Vice President – Finance, Controller or Treasurer and perform (on a shared basis) the duties and responsibilities of a financial executive.
  • Senior-Level Specialists: Senior-level Specialists must be the senior policy-making official responsible for Internal Audit, Tax Administration, Planning and Business Development, Risk Management, Management of Retirement Funds and Investments, Management of Investor Relations or Employee Benefits Administration. The Senior-level Specialist’s company must have revenues in its most current fiscal year of $40 million or more, or $800 million or more in assets if a financial institution.
  • Qualifying Company Criteria - Assistant Financial Executives/Senior-Level Specialists: Requirement is 4X criterion for financial executives. For example, an assistant controller or assistant treasurer of a company with $32 million of operating expenses or $8 million of net worth is eligible. Applicants must be employed by a company with $40 million in revenues, or $100 million of employee benefits investments under management, or a financial institution with $800 million in assets.


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Academic Membership

Applicants for Academic membership must be practicing educators in the field of accounting, business or finance and hold an academic rank of Dean, Assistant Dean, Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor.


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In-Transition Membership

In-Transition membership must be unemployed and must register with Headquarters’ Membership Department for Career Management services. Membership in the In-Transition category is open to applicants who have held a qualifying position during the past 5 years. All applications must be accompanied by a current resume and proof of former employment (e.g., business card, personalized company letterhead, or pay-stub with confidential information removed).

Members may remain in the category for 2 consecutive years at the specified reduced dues rate. All members in the In-Transition category of membership will be invoiced annually for full Executive category dues rate and must qualify yearly for reduced dues consideration.


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Government/Military Membership

This category is open to all senior financial executives who serve in a finance, accounting, budget, or treasury position for a local, state, or federal government agency, department, bureau or office. Applicants for this category should have direct responsibility over budgetary expenditures of at least $25 million.


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